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Wade Jeffree is a New York based Designer and Art Director. His practice is engaged in creating long standing collaborative partnerships that are built on honesty and purpose with the fields of art, culture and commerce. He believes life and work are intertwined and are not separated.

Anchored in collaboration and honesty to engage meaningful partnerships.

His work spans many disciplines, largely focused on branding systems, printed literature and books, website and app design and art direction.


How did you discover Action Method?
Through friends and clients. The client that introduced me to them had ordered 5 boxes! 

How do you use Action Method?
Whether it’s a spur of the moment idea or something I am thinking on whilst having a drink  - my notes can be sporadic and crazy, that mixed with having a few too many things going on means I can be a little forgetful, so logging everything down is important! 

Which Action Method product is your favorite and why?
Dot Grid book. Big and robust and it allows me to fill whole page with sketches for whole project. The color fill for pens is great due to the paper weight.

What's one tip you can share with aspiring creatives?
Write all ideas down and don’t worry if they might not be your best, most likely it will become relevant.       


Start sketching like Wade Jeffree. We recommend: Dot Grid Book


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