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Josanna Torrocha is a New-York Based artist who has worked with a variety of brands ranging from Jordan to Workaholics and Kinfolk. When she isn't spending her days in the Greats office working on graphic design, you'll find her exploring the art of tattooing and creating sketches and paintings for her family and friends.
How did you first discover Action Method?
A good friend of mine gifted me one and I've been hooked on the books since.
How do you use Action Method?
I use it at work to jot down ideas, and sketch first stage designs. Especially in meetings – I end up doodling a whole lot between notes, haha.
Which Action Method product is your favorite and why?
I love the Dot Grid Mini. Its small enough for me to carry around without a bag but big enough for my sketches. I prefer dots over a grid, as dots help to keep everything aligned and proportionate, without the distracting lines in between. It also helps when transitioning from notes to sketches. The perforated edges are also key, I often have to tear pages out to share with other members of the team.
What's one tip you'd like to share with aspiring creatives?
Try EVERYTHING. You'll never know what you're good at until you try.

Start sketching like Josanna Torrocha. We recommend: Dot Grid Book

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