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Om Malik is a pioneering tech writer, founder of Gigaom — an industry leader in technology research and analysis since 2006 — and full partner at San Francisco-based venture firm True Ventures.  Before founding Gigaom, Malik worked in various editorial roles for Business 2.0,, Red Herring, and Quick Nikkei News (head to his Wikipedia page for more).


How do you structure your day? Your week?

I structure my work life in a simple manner: I plan for today, tomorrow and the day after. I slot three meetings a day, with about 45 minutes in between those meetings. I write down my thoughts during those 45 minutes and also take a break from devices. I don’t answer emails in between meetings - just use plain old paper and pen, though I am starting to use the iPad Pro with Pencil to take notes, but it is in airplane mode. The reason is to spend meetings in a productive mode. I find time to do emails - every day: 3 hours at tops. I spend 2 hours a day on reading, researching and sometimes writing.


What’s a piece of advice regarding work that’s stuck with you?

I think the best thing to do is take a walk, or do something different if you are in a rut. I have been in a year+ long writer’s block and I have been using that time to make photos to find more ways to express myself and hopefully break out of the rut. I think it also helps if you listen to people when you are stuck. I listen to peers and co-workers and they have gotten me out of this situation.


What’s one tip you’d like to share with aspiring creatives?

We all have bad days. We are not always awesome and creative. So wait for inspiration to strike and then drop everything and pursue it. I have cancelled fun evenings because words started to flow. You've gotta obey the siren call of creativity when it strikes.


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